Clio: Breaking the Paradigm and Shattering Stereotypes

Clio is one of the most interesting characters in Breaking the paradigm. The representative of the most nobilius family of the republic, with all his actions, challenges the prevailing opinion and patriarchal customs of the establishment. Her appearance in the first chapter of the novel did not point to anything interesting. A pretty girl, soaked in the rain, found herself in her boyfriend’s bed – A banal story that says nothing. And then Clio appears before us as a strong, independent and very intelligent young woman.

All of us admire Clio’s bravery, dedication, uncompromisingness, but who is she outside the novel? What makes her happy, what hurts her and what he is indifferent to. After Ace’s swearing-in ceremony, we caught up with her and asked her a few questions.

Interviewer: Hello, Clio. I know you don’t like it when people tell you this, but let me say you look absolutely radiant

Clio: Appearance really shouldn’t be the focus today. Ace’s father committed suicide today so that the system couldn’t kill us. Yesterday Poco’s plane exploded, killing 283 innocent people. It’s overwhelming.

Interviewer: I’m sorry Clio, it’s just our format, you know it well. We leave the drama in the novel and this magazine is more entertaining.

Clio: Forgive me too, it’s a really difficult time and I’m a little tired.

Interviewer: To have some fun, in the second chapter you found yourself in a very interesting situation.

(Clio laughs)

Clio: Fia has been our friend for a long time, but yes, the situation was really interesting. Me Fia and Ace (laughs again). I was lying in bed when I heard Ace and Fia’s voice, my first reaction was surprise, but then I realized that there is nothing surprising about it. I got up without anything blocking me and joined the conversation.

Interviewer: I rather meant the end of the second chapter.

(laughing again)

Clio: I didn’t think the three of us would end up in bed together either, but…

Interviewer: The appearance of your father, His Holiness, was a good moment.

Cleo: Yes, despite the drama of the situation, even now when I remember how he tried not to react to the sight of Fia, I laugh a lot.

Interviewer: Of course, since he came to Ace’s house in the morning, he knew that there must be something there, but suddenly Fia too?

Clio: It was very funny that the head of the academy did not notice all this.

Interviewer: You know what photo we’re going to use as the poster for this interview. What can you tell us about it?

Clio: That photo was an accident waiting to happen. I was already exhausted, trying to get a shot with my wet hair, when Ace thought it’d be fun to drench me. I was fuming, but the result was worth it.

Interviewer: The image is striking. Lastly, any words for young women who are deeply engrossed in your story?

Clio: I don’t wish to address only young women or any specific group. I want to tell everyone, irrespective of age or gender: stand against injustice, oppression, discrimination. And, above all, never let anyone strip you of your freedom.

Interviewer: Wise words to live by. Clio, thank you for this enlightening chat. We look forward to more from you.

Clio: Till next time.

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