In Defense of Unwavering Scientific Doctrine

Opinion by Cardinal Demetrius:

In the hallowed annals of the Seventh Republic, we stand as testament to a future that is steadfastly guided by the immutable light of science. As devoted guardians, the Holy Academy has shouldered the divine responsibility to protect and propagate the true essence of our scientific forefathers.

There’s a reason our society reveres the teachings of Saint Isaac and the luminaries of yore. Their revelations have ushered in an era of prosperity, knowledge, and unity. To challenge these fundamental tenets is not merely a sign of ignorance but a grave threat to the social fabric that binds our republic. Such endeavors, motivated by misguided curiosity, may unleash pandemonium, casting shadows over our enlightened path.

Recently, tragic incidents have shaken the very core of our community. While we mourn the loss of all souls, it’s paramount to realize that actions that defy the sanctified order sometimes summon unforeseen consequences. Our universe, with its intricate design, often metes out poetic justice to those who tread recklessly.

In relation to the esteemed Senate of the Seventh Republic, it’s disconcerting when certain members waver from our collective vision. It’s my humble belief that the illustrious lineage of Publius Cornelius Validus, with its rich heritage, should serve as a beacon, guiding and not deflecting from the principles that have sustained us. While we, the devout, pray for enlightenment for all, a senator’s prime duty should be to uphold these ideals and not meander into perilous terrains of doubt.

To any who dare to stray, remember this: the teachings of Saint Isaac are infallible. It’s not the Academy that punishes, but the universe itself. Defiance against established wisdom is defiance against the natural order. And when one challenges this order, they invite the inexorable wrath of the cosmos.

As we forge ahead, let it be known that our dedication to the truth, as established by our revered saints, remains unyielding. All transgressions against this truth shall meet their own reckoning, self-inflicted and without our hand. In this age of knowledge, may wisdom prevail.

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