Just Like Neanderthals

Neanderthal #024

What does a great state mean?

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What does a great state mean?

Just like the Neanderthals #024

Neanderthal #024

For a long time, we no longer ask the question of what a strong, great state means. Probably, all of us already know the answer to this question, that's why we are not interested in asking it anymore. Unfortunately, unlike you, I don't know the answer. Let me be a little bit boring and ask you - How am I to understand greatness?

As an uneducated person, I have always thought that wine is drunk for fun, to pass the time, to stimulate conversation, or in extreme cases to dispel the sorrow; And the state is strong only when each of its citizens is strong (obviously, we are not talking about physical strength), happy and free. For some reason, I thought that all three of these conditions were necessary for citizens to be proud of their country. I try not to mention the state and pride in the same sentence, because I, as an uneducated person, find it shameful to be proud of the state. I always thought that violence against the women and children of a neighbor (or even a distant country), disrupting the economy, seizing territories... snatching, plundering, enslaving, is more shameful than proud. As it turns out, I was wrong in absolutely everything, in wine and in the state.

Today's "great" countries (and those who try to prove their greatness) with their actions dispel my foolish assumptions, and the majority of their people are proud and encourage their leaders to capture, castrate and enslave. Even those whose years of greatness have long since ended, dream about times when they captured, castrated, enslaved, and due to this, due to the misfortune of others, they lived a little better and their leaders in luxury.

It seems that for each of us the oppression of others is much more important than our own happiness and freedom. The success of our herd is much more important than individual development. I beg you my dears, please answer me

what does a great state mean?

Perhaps because I am extremely uneducated, I still believe - We must reflect and we must ask questions. Only in this way can a new opportunity be given to the humankind to not disappear, unlike the Neanderthals.


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