Just Like Neanderthals

Neanderthal #013

The Burning of the Library of Alexandria

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The Burning of the Library of Alexandria

Just like the Neanderthals #013

Neanderthal #013

This moment probably did not have a positive prerequisite, probably at that moment everything was leading to the onset of one of the darkest phases of our degradation. Personally, when I read and analyze the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, the first thing I feel is anger, then comes disappointment, and finally comes the time of regret. I want to tell you about these feelings in a few words:

Anger - I'm probably being too emotional here and forget that the events of 391 were a logical continuation of the burning of the great library in 48 BC, I also forget that both Alexandria and her library were part of the degradation process, but yet I am angry at the cruelty and stupidity of our species, I'm angry because of the lost century

Disappointment - Despite my mixed feelings about Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire in general, Rome still regretted the burning of the great library during the storming of Alexandria in 48 BC. This view is supported by the words of Plutarchs "Caesar was forced to repel the danger by using fire, which spread from the dockyards and destroyed the Great Library." At the same time, the Christian civilization still does not recognize the crime it committed in front of humanity, the events of 391 are still shrouded in innuendo and outright lies.

Regret - We were always an aggressive species and never accepted people who thought. The Great Library of Alexandria and also The daughter library, protected by the Serapeum, were, in my opinion, some kind of attempt to overcome our intolerant nature (perhaps in completely wrong ways, but still). And we destroyed the temple of knowledge and went on with our lives as if nothing had happened. Is it any wonder that we still repeat the mistakes and crimes committed two thousand years ago? Is it any wonder that we are still fiercely fighting with different opinions? In fact, we are not fighting another opinion, we are fighting opinion as such and continue our 4900-year tradition of degradation.

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