Just Like Neanderthals

Neanderthal #022

We have what we have - massive dullness

New Reality

We have what we have - massive dullness

Just like the Neanderthals #022

Neanderthal #022

Today I realized that I am on the point of a mental breakdown. (I hope only on the point, but this hope is quite illusory). Living in constant cognitive dissonance proved too difficult, and perhaps the result is logical enough. It seems that the worlds of Orwell and Huxley have merged and we continue to live in a brave new world under the constant supervision of Big Brother. Like the heroes of Orwell, we constantly repeat that everything is fine, that global warming is a far-fetched problem, that the global drinking water crisis is just a figment of the sick imagination of Hollywood writers, that the dragon has not yet woken up, that the wolf is not standing over us with open mouth and sharp teeth and is not going tear us to pieces.

Orwell is probably the most relevant author in the world today. If you just to think about how widespread and catastrophic doublethink has become, cognitive dissonance can seem like a seasonal flu. A member of the UN Security Council is waging an aggressive war, while stubbornly calling this war a special operation and arresting anyone who dares to call war a war; A member of the same Security Council, together with other members, starts a war against an independent country, with an invented reason, and calls these actions a struggle for democratic values; Even one member of the same Security Council is planning the annexation of a small free island and calls these actions "should be returned to the bosom of the Motherland"; It seems to me that the problem is not that we are told something, but that we believe what we are told, like Orwell's characters. We believe and do not believe at the same time, we believe in mutually exclusive things. We have mastered doublethink very well. We have learned very well what to believe and what to remember, what to hide in the depths of memory and what to return to only if we are allowed. The world is divided into several parts, and the representatives of these parts believe only in what their leaders see fit or right. It's just that, unlike Orwell, our world was divided not only along territorial lines.

These days, another factor added to my mental disorder - an explosion in a camp for Ukrainian prisoners of war. A disgusting fact, at the same time, under the conditions of Putin's schizophrenic regime, it is completely ordinary. In addition, here also, doublethink, the Russians claim that the Ukrainians bombed; Others say that this fact requires investigation; In other words, they literally allow for the possibility that the political or military leadership of the country, in order to achieve political goals, can sacrifice their own fighters. Hm, when we look at everything from this point of view, nothing remains absolutely impossible. It is in the admissibility of this assumption that one can see the degree and irreversibility of our degradation. The fact that the likelihood of the Russian version of the destruction of the POW camp being not zero is more than anything indicative of the complete degradation of our species, it is evidence that we are in serious trouble, it is evidence that we deserved to disappear just like the Neanderthals.


Result-Massive dullness
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