Just Like Neanderthals

Neanderthal #021

Patriotism as a problem and as a solution

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Patriotism as a problem and as a solution

Just like the Neanderthals #021

Neanderthal #021

The nineteenth and twentieth centuries have made a huge contribution to the process of our degradation. One of the most disgusting things that have happened and that has had a huge impact on the psyche of modern people is the combination of patriotism, nationalism, arrogance and aggression in one concept and turning it into pride for the State. Yes, States, not countries, States, not homelands, States, not cultures, States, not homes, neighbors, ancestors, descendants ... and yes, not love but pride. Pride is a simpler concept than love, and it’s more "difficult" to love the State than to be proud of it, and it is easier to stimulate pride than love. That is why the Roman model of patriotism was chosen, when Patria is not a place, but a legal formation.

Extremely interesting are the reasoning of Cicero about the Roman understanding of the idea of patriotism (like all his reasoning). In "Patria", in his writings, one of the greatest orators of Rome (and a senator, and a consul, and a narcissistic and not very faithful ally) combined (very wrong and immoral, in my opinion) place, community, society... (civitas) and state (res publica), but with the absolute advantage of the state. "Alteram loci patriam, alteram iuris" - two types of homeland; glorification of the state; Be content and proud to be a part of something big; aggressive militarism; extension; pride; extension; pride; pride; pride; The Goths are well aware of how the Roman Empire ended, and Cicero also ended not in the most pleasant way. In general, I do not see a problem in the disappearance of an empire or a republic or any other form of state formation, but in the age of nuclear weapons, such a disappearance can have absolutely catastrophic consequences for the entire planet.

I wholeheartedly support the slogan "Make America Great Again", I support all the people who have chosen #MAGA Patriot as their motto. I'm just wondering if we understand that in today's global society you cannot become great again by oppressing or even ignoring or even simply not supporting your neighbors. Do we understand that aggressive empires can never be great again? Do we understand that if there are poor, kleptocratic, authoritarian countries anywhere, there will always be uncontrolled migration? Do we understand that we shouldn't be proud that we can look down on another person or that someone looks at us in awe? Do we understand that in the twenty-first century one can be proud of the state only if all its citizens, absolutely everyone, individually are free, educated and wealthy? Finally, do we realize that free, educated and wealthy individuals do not need to be proud of the state?

I hope we all understanding everything, otherwise we (I mean humanity as a whole) are doomed to repeat the fate of the Roman Empire and will disappear just like the Neanderthals.


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