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Neanderthal #019

Brave new world

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Brave new world

Just like the Neanderthals #019

Neanderthal #019

Congratulations dear, you are already here in our brave new world. It was about this world that the great Aldous Huxley told our ancestors. Through hard work and self-sacrifice, we have been able to transform society according to Blessed Huxley's model. Here you will be safe, you will have everything you need and you will not think about anything that will disturb you. Your only concern will be to work in order to consume and consume in order to work. You don't even have to worry about what to consume, because you will like what you need, just like everyone else. Our society is the best, but don't think about it, don't worry, my dear.

New members of society (in other words, newborns) should be greeted like this by their curators (in other words, parents), and this idea should be carried out as a basic line for all members of society during their existence (although this point is already in force and become fully operational).

Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to ignoring the symptoms of acute illness and have become accustomed to ignoring any warning that does not fit into the concept of prevailing opinion. Huxley warned us about the dangers of a growing consumer society in 1932, and we didn't heed that warning. He warned us in 1958 that the processes have accelerated and the utopian world he described no longer seems so utopian. We also ignored this warning. As a result, we got exactly that brave new world.

  • One exists only to produce and consume
  • Ones are divided into classes, and every class member knows exactly that he was created for such an existence, that his place is right here, that it is possible and necessary to look down on people belonging to the lower class, and the upper class must be looked at with obeisance and awe.
  • We have new, unquestioned credibility (in other words, this is called an idol), recently it was Jobs, now Musk, a little later it will be John Doe or even someone else.
  • We follow all instructions without a word and fight against those who think otherwise.
  • I can continue the list for a long time, but I think it is already clear - brave new world!

    It sounds legitimate enough for a consumer society that we shouldn't spoil relations with a country if it is a huge source of resources, along with a huge market. Of course, there are circumstances when you have to come up with all sorts of excuses for continuing cooperation. Even if the ideals of that other country are far from yours, but What does this have to do with ideals, for further prosperity, everything can be neglected ... and I mean everything. With such an approach, from time to time, of course, you have to come up with all sorts of excuses to justify the partner’s not entirely correct actions.

    So, for example, the ruined Chechnya - this is its territory, isn’t it? The war with Georgia and the occupation of its territories lasted only 5 days, and the Georgians were the first to bombard the sleepy Tskhinvali, isn't it? The annexation of Crimea passed without casualties and a referendum was held, isn't it? The occupation of Donbass was a people uprising in response to the actions of nationalist Ukrainians, isn't it?

    And as a result, Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons and destroy everything on a beautiful consumer society precisely because such approaches prevail in this brave new world. Precisely because Russia is a huge market for goods produced with the help of its oil and gas, he was turned a blind eye to his crimes and received carte blanche for new ones. Because if there are no diverse markets, then there will be no production, there will be no production - there will be no consumption, and this is completely impossible to allow.

    Brave New World, in a word, you're right, we don't want to make that mistake, not in a word, but in short. In a word - degradation!

    Most likely we can’t change anything anymore and I’m writing these words in vain, anyway, no one will read, and if they read, they won’t understand, and if they understand, they will ignore it and we will disappear just like the Neanderthals.


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