Just Like Neanderthals

Neanderthal #017

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

key points of degradation

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Just like the Neanderthals #017

Neanderthal #017

We (Homo sapiens) have many unique skills, but one of them we have developed especially over the all of these 4900 years. We can ruins everything we touch; we corrupt each other, we destroy the nature around us, we spoil the animals we tame, and especially happy we ruin ideas. It should be noted that we are good at spoiling ideas.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité (freedom, equality, fraternity) seemingly unrelated to anything bad for the development of mankind. The words spoken in 1790 carried a very specific meaning - the ability to do everything that does not harm others, equality before the law, don't do to anyone what you don't want them to do to you; the great idea, personally I would subscribe to all these words. The reality, as always, turned out to be different - beheading on an industrial scale (They even developed and implemented an innovative process optimization tool - guillotine), confiscation of property, corruption, confusion...

In view of the issues discussed, I evaluate all these processes from a slightly different angle, and here's why:

In the short term, the French Revolution was certainly a positive event. Of course, overthrowing absolute rule, especially when the government is completely corrupt, is a legitimate way to preserve the chance of development. (However, it is imperative in all cases to overthrow the corrupt government, but let's talk about that another time). The revolution had a radical and very positive impact both on France and on the whole of Europe and the world. When social mobility is so passionately promoted, when the innkeeper's son becomes Marshal of the Empire and king of Naples, you can let a lot of things slide. Nevertheless, some subtleties must be taken into account. That's where our beloved degradation going to be.

A kind of pattern has been formed - unscrupulous people monopolize a completely positive and necessary idea. Hiding behind these ideas, they commit absolutely terrible and disgusting actions. These actions lead to enormous disasters, in the form of human, economic, social or moral casualties. In the end, some of the declared goals are usually achieved, or presented as achieved, and casualties are considered acceptable collateral damage in the fight for a better future.

This pattern could have existed before, but after the events of 1789-1714, it acquired a romantic connotation and sufficient legitimacy. I consider this legitimization an extremely important stage in the process of our degradation. Today, the model has been widely replicated at various scales, from everyday issues to corporate processes and global politics. After all this, what can we say to sum up - just ask a question. What is this, if not the path to ruin, the path to complete annihilation, just like the Neanderthals?


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