Just Like Neanderthals

Neanderthal #016

Leader of the free world

New challenges on the way to total degradation

Leader of the free world

Just like the Neanderthals #016

Neanderthal #016

I want you to understand me correctly, I do not at all think that the degradation of mankind has entered some new dangerous stage just because one incomprehensible character gave another incomprehensible character some strange and far-fetched rank (even if they are both very worthy and nice guys).

Throughout our history, too many have wanted to become a king, an emperor or, in modern terms, a leader of everything and everyone. If you look at the trends in the development of humankind, then many others will declare the same intentions in the future. Most likely, this trend will continue until the very end, until we disappear just like the Neanderthals. I want to draw attention to another problem - some people, somehow call other people; this is not a very big problem. Such a game is not a problem even when the person who has been given a fictitious title believes that he is really unique and begins to act on the basis of a new given. In fact, there is a problem, especially when this someone has the most powerful army in the world under his control, but in terms of 4900 years of degradation, it is not a big problem. However, when free people believe that they have a leader, or rather, they need a leader, and this leader already exists, and at the same time, leadership is reserved for him along with an assignment to a completely different job, we are in real trouble.

The reality is even worse, because the free world does not exist at all, and it can’t be created until every individual that makes up this world is free. At the very moment when some people decided to accuse - decrepit, war-weary, not very educated, not very free, prone to all kinds of phobias - people that they are a free world, that they have leaders, and also they have the most important leader (the most intelligent, the most beautiful and, of course, the tallest), at that very moment that very step was taken towards the irreversibility of total degradation. If you are already a part of the free world, then why do you need to fight to be free yourself? Why do you need freedom if you have a leader who knows exactly where to go? If your little omniscient leader has a big, even more omniscient and omnipotent leader, and this leader knows exactly what is evil and what is not, knows exactly when to fight and when not, knows exactly what is good for you and which is not very, then why do you need freedom. You are already part of the free world, which has small and big leaders, and everything will be fine.

Well, my dears, there, at the very end, when the last remaining cockroach will laugh evilly at our failure, when we have already disappeared just like the Neanderthals; it will be too late to change anything.


System - Political
Problem - leadership
Result - Authoritarianism
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