Just Like Neanderthals

Neanderthal #015

from Helen of Troy to the Crimea

New challenges on the way to total degradation

from Helen of Troy to the Crimea

Just like the Neanderthals #015

Neanderthal #015

I have already dedicated one Neanderthal to Russia's aggression in Ukraine, but this war is so terrible, so clearly confirms our degradation, that I decided to say a few additional words. This probably won't be the last Neanderthal I dedicate to this war either.

We have developed a strange feature - we can justify the mass destruction of other people with any stupidity. We have been doing this for a very, very, very long time, almost from the very beginning. So, for example, the Greeks committed the genocide of the Trojans and justified it by the fact that Helen fled to Paris (by the way, we still admire this. Not flight, but war and destruction). How many times the cruel extermination of people was justified by the will of God, do not count. A very old and interesting justification is mine, and therefore, the restoration of historical justice is a newer justification, a completely new justification - the defense of democracy. Isn't it interesting, you defend democracy and universal ideals by killing? Wealth, territory, faith, resources, all this and much more are still considered legitimate pretexts for killing people. Degradation, what else to say!

This aggression began in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea and has been permanent for eight years now, but the problem is even deeper and begins in 1991, the "democratic" world, frightened by the collapse of the USSR and the uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear weapons, used all methods to save the aggressive and archaic Russian empire. As a result, we got the first and second wars in Chechnya, the occupation of Georgia, the endless conflict in Moldova, the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and finally February 24. Even this would have gotten away with Russia if not for the incredible courage and combat readiness of the Ukrainian people. That is, if the problem does not concern us personally (primarily economic), and even more so, if the aggressor is much stronger than the victim, then we will simply express concern, plus we sincerely sympathize with the “poor Kurdish people”, and of course we will write several articles and then turn the page forever.

No my dears, evil must be fought everywhere and always. Regardless of whether it is in your short-term economic interests to fight or not. Because in the long-term perspective, evil still comes to you, first, it damages your social interests, then it damages your political interests, and finally, it will definitely damage your economic interests as well. Moreover, the path of appeasing evil leads to where we have always gone - to total destruction, just like the Neanderthals, you can ask Lord Chamberlain, for example.


System - Social
Problem - Imperialism
Result - Mass kill

I have specially mentioned the social system, because in this case, the problem is not in the position of individual politicians, but in society as a whole.

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