Just Like Neanderthals

Neanderthal #014

The Burning of the Library of Alexandria

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After the Great War

Just like the Neanderthals #014

Neanderthal #014

The Great War was one of the most terrible pages in the history of mankind. The total number of military and civilian casualties reached an incredible 40 million. Many things happened for the first time or for the first time on such a scale, for example: chemical weapons, genocide and ethnic cleansing, attacks on civilian and medical ships, etc. This war had a devastating effect on the world economy, supply chains, empires and countries. It is safe to say that the whole world lay in ruins (except perhaps the United States).

A truly intelligent species would look at their good work and be horrified. Probably, there should have been a feeling that the time has come to think about the direction of our development. Looking at all this, we should have realized that we were doing something wrong, but as always before and as always after, we decided otherwise. It should be noted here that there was at least one attempt to change something. There was President Wilson's plan, a little idealistic, a little unrealistic, but still a plan to rethink humanity's approaches. Of course, the plan was not carried out, rather the most senseless part of the plan was carried out and the League of Nations was created.

The end of the Great War and the decisions that followed it were one of the saddest moments on our path to degradation. After all, then all the prerequisites were created for the transformation of a huge, global problem into a global opportunity. For various reasons (including greed, hatred, revenge, aggression) we decided to ignore the negative experience and decided not to turn the challenge into an opportunity, but continued to move towards total degradation, towards total destruction, towards the total extinction of our species, just like the Neanderthals.


System - Political
Problem - Politicians
Result - War
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