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To explore the critical issues facing humanity today, Almost another Universe serves as a space for thought-provoking articles and gripping stories that challenge the status quo and inspire action.

Why Now?

The world is at a tipping point—climate change, inequality, and geopolitical tensions are but some of the problems we face. We can no longer afford to be bystanders. The time for action, for change, for real conversations, is now.

What We Offer

Monthly articles diving into social, political and economic problems of our society

In "Breaking the Paradigm" you will dive into an epic battle against a corrupt system, all while unraveling a tale of love, courage, and defiance. Meet three extraordinary young rebels who dare to challenge the status quo. New chapter every fridey

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Join us in this quest for change. Subscribe, share, and let the stories move you. Together, let’s break the paradigm.

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